CV - Curation & Production, followed by Visual Art Practice


Convenience Gallery


BIFF #5: Folklore TBA

The Town is the Gallery, Phase One: Wirral Borough of Culture, launches March 22nd. 

LOC, Youth offer, Phase One: launches March 26th.


Astles @ Philharmonic Music Room - Community Banner Workshop

Abstract Kab (broken down - solidarity hazard lights) - pop exhibit planned with Division of Labour, Daniel Pryde Jarman, Leo Fitzmaurice, Roxy Topia & Paddy Gould. @ Second Act, London.

Convenience Editions: Charlie Ann Buxton Birkenhead Scarf & Dripped Goods, Lucky Hats, Online

Convenience Store: Online curated sale platform

Manchester Contemporary: Featuring, Roxy Topia & Paddy Gould, Luke George, Joana de Oliveira Guerreiro & Leo Fitzmaurice. Alongside the Convenience Store artists. 

Birkenhead International Film Festival #4: Worldbuilding - 13 filmmakers, collaborations with, Williamson Art Gallery, Focal Studios, Scenegraph Studios & Northern Fortress

Gathering: Cultural and Social History event: featuring Spaces of Hope, a lecture from Dr Michael Howcroft, and exhibition of Working Class History project.

M&S Bank Arena Showcase: Featuring artwork from, Zahra, Elisa Sallis, Jason Hollis, Jon Edgley, Luke George, Max Mallender, Joana de Oliveira Guerreiro, & Mia Cathcart.

BIOART: A science and arts collaboration consultation workshop series, in collaboration with Wirral Council and Di Mainstone.

CRAFTBAR: Circular economy and sustainability creative session, and workshop programme: Featuring, Jackie Pease, Alison Bailey Smith, Ellie Hoskins, Rosie Ashton/ Urban Herbal, Di Vegartemis, Nathan Thomas, Charlotte Boardman, Claire Henderson.

Uncovering Birkenhead's Working Class History, Convenience Gallery X Historic England, featuring artwork from Astles, Charlie Ann Buxton, Jon Edgley, Tash Evans, David Bell/ Sugarshack Soundsystem and Declan Connolly. Additionally featuring 100+ voices of Birkenhead residents and their story of Birkenhead. 


Birkenhead International Film Festival #3: Science Fiction @ Pilgrim Street Arts Centre

Summer Festival: Art Fair, and live performance from Nil00, Andy Wolfenden and Luna thee frenchie

Not a cloud in the sky, 175th Park anniversary showcase: 23 artist exhibition @ Birkenhead Park Visitor Centre, featuring, Monica Marshall, Landlines Studio, Lo Tierney, Laleh Kamalian, Joseph Hulme, Eleanor Szydlowska, Joy Clarke, Ellie Towers, Parice Bowyer, Max Mallender, Those Bitches, Alex Long Yuan, Declan Connolly, Karema Munassar, Hasnat Sikander & Tom Doubtfire, Phoebe Thomas, Steve Skull, Ferne Cooke, Paul Mellor.

The Good Business Festival: CRAFTBAR, Ryla Dilkes and Dripped Good

In Cahoots: Fly on the wings of love, Nil00 @ Bloom Building

Challenging Love: Declan Connolly and Hellen Songa - Open Door Charity and VRP collaboration.

In Cahoots: Blip! Dan Chan @ Bloom Building

In Cahoots: Discombobuloscopy, Roxy Topia & Paddy Gould @ Bloom Building


On the Brightside (3-Panel), Installation at St Brides Church with Astles & Balloon Moon Community.

Christmas Festival: Featuring, Sugarthief, Louie Miles, Astles, Luna thee Frenchie, NACE, and 25 LCR Artists in an Auction (selling 48 works), Dripped Goods Workshops, Ena Pa, and Aloe Birra. 

In Cahoots: Ellie Towers & Reece Griffiths, Floor Plan @ Bloom Building

In Cahoots: Mat Lomas, I'm not the sentimental type but...

Birkenhead International Film Festival #2: Animation, 20 short films + Scenegraph studios, Dripped Goods and Ena Pa. 

Aesthetics, Exhibition and workshop programme in collaboration with Cheshire West Partnership NHS, Open Door Charity featuring artists, Fauziya Johnson,  Joseph Charlton, Ally Zlatar,  @ Bloom Building

In Cahoots: Patric Rogers & Angelo Madonna, Space is the Place @ Bloom Building

In Cahoots: On the Brightside, Jon Edgley, @ Bloom Building

Georgemma Hunt, Face Hole - Public Work

Horizons Youth Programme #2: Painting, featuring guest artists: Georgemma Hunt, Andy Wolfenden, Millie Toyin Olateju, & Jason Hollis. 

Birkenhead International Film Festival presents, 30 second shorts. Digital festival. 

Horizons Youth Programme #1 & Exhibition, featuring workshops from: Max Mallender, Joana de Oliveira Guerreiro, Ryla Dilkes, Rosa Kusabbi, Ellie Brennan, Declan Connolly, 


Birkenhead International Film Festival #1, Horror - Youtube

Horizons exhibition, showcasing COVID community work @ Bloom Building

Elle Bulger Growth Infinity, digital exhibition, itch.io

Another Night In, Social Media Exhibition

Stephen Forge, Untitled, @ Bloom Building, future Bee Well Office

Convenience Open #2: Fletcher Downie, Georgemma Hunt, Luke Beech, Nerissa Carghill Thompson, Max Mallender, Dan O'Dempsey @ Bloom Building, future Bee Well Office

The Future is..., event @ Bloom Building. featuring work from: Max Mallender, Joana de Oliveira Guerreiro, Ben Lunt, Elle Bulger & Claire Henderson


Thinking Out Loud, Lecture series in collaboration with John Hyatt. 

Workshops programme, featuring, Ellie Brennan, Jocelyn Allen, Ashley Van Dyke, Lois Tierney, Rob Flynn, Ryan Gauge, Me, Jess Scott, Claire Henderson & Joana de Oliveira Guerreiro. 

Group Exhibition, Joana de Oliveira Guerreiro, Ellie Brennan, Mia Roberts, & Claire Henderson @ Studio Shuffle, Northern Lights/ The Royal Standard

Dinu Li, Look Photo Biennial in collaboration with Open Eye @ Birkenhead Market

TV Babies @ Birkenhead Market

Burst our Bubble, LJMU graduate show, @ Birkenhead Market & Darkside Art Lab

Joana de Oliveira Guerreiro, Joie de Vivre, @ Birkenhead Market

Convenience Open #1 @ Birkenhead Market

Small Steps, @ Gibberish Brew Pub

Visual Art Practice:



May 26th - Interlude Video - Shai-Li Paldi E.P launch, Output Gallery, Liverpool.

May 24th - June 9th 2019 Fringe Arts Bath - 36 Exposures. 


JULY: SMALL STEPS - Red Brick Vintage. ' 10 Steps ' .


OCTOBER: Synthesis MCR: Green Room (With Collective), Partisan, Manchester

JULY: RNCM: 'Fun Fair', Manchester

JUNE: MMU Degree Show: 'Folk Songs' & 'Fun Fair' & 'Happening Stream', Manchester


MMU UNIT X Exhibition: ‘Archiving the Everyday’ Scottish House, Manchester

Interactive Arts Presents: ‘Telephone Boxes’ Link Gallery, Manchester


MMU UNIT X Exhibition: ‘Passing Conversation’ Federation House, Manchester

MMU 1st Year show: ‘Ten Steps’ LinkGallery, Manchester


MMU 1st Year Show: ‘Non-Space’ Link Gallery, Manchester

Foundation Degree Show: 'Observation'  Birkenhead Sixth FormCollege, Wirral /Bluecoat Sandon Room, Liverpool


Deutsche Bank Award for Creative Entrepreneurs 2022. (joint award with Ryan Gauge)

Jeffrey Dryland award for Arts (Pensby High School 2011) (yes this is from high school)


Have performed over 50 times, including: 

o2 Academy, Arts Club, Zanzibar, The Picket, Oxjam, Studio 2 Parr Street, Thornton Hough Village Hall, The Clarence & Tim's 60th (Merseyside) Whiskey Jar, Fallow Cafe, Bay Horse, Hold Fast (Manchester), The Captains Bar (Edinburgh), Kendal Calling (Ghandi's flip flop food tent lol), amongst other.

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